1. Account („My MAC“)

1.1 Welche Vorteile bietet ein „My MAC“ Account?

Setting up a „My MAC“ account is free and without any obligations. With the set-up of an account you can deposit up to three delivery addresses. The purchase in our online shop is even more comfortable as the data you registered when setting up your account is automatically filled in. Also you have the possibility to look into your delivery status directly. In addition to your “My MAC” account, we recommend to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be updated about specials and promotions regarding our online shop assortment. The newsletter subscription is free and can be revoked at all times. All data we receive of you will be treated according to our data privacy policy (LINK). We will – under no circumstances – forward your data to third parties for advertising purposes.

1.2 Do I have to register in order to make a purchase something in the MAC online shop?

No. Of course you can also shop online shop as a guest without having a user profile.

1.3 How can I register?

You can register during the order process. After placing an order successfully, you will receive a Link
You can opt for a registration of your user profile in the course of the ordering process. Having done your order, you will receive a confirmation link. You can unlock your user profile with this link.
You can only confirm your user profile by clicking on the link in the confirmation email and the completion of your registration data.

1.4 How can I change my password?

At “My MAC” you can change your password in the category “My Profile”. Please log in and go to “Change password”. Please keep in mind that your password has to consist of at least 5 digits.

1.5 What can I do if I forgot my password or my username?

If you forgot your password for your „My MAC“ account, please click the „forgot password“ link and we will send you an email to reset your password to the email address you registered with, which will explain how to proceed.

2. Newsletter

2.1 Subscription

You can subscribe to receive the MAC newsletter in two ways. First of all you can click on „Newsletter“ in the footer of the website, which will lead you to the newsletter subscription page. Secondly, you can register to receive the newsletter during the check-out process.

2.2 Unsubscription of the newsletter

You can unsubscribe of the MAC newsletter at all times and without justifying any reasons. In order to do that, please click on the link at the bottom of every newsletter. Upon us receiving your unsubscription of the newsletter means also, that we will not use your data any longer and stop sending you our newsletters.

2.3 Revocation newsletter

If you have subscribed to our newsletter and given your consent that MAC uses your data to send newsletters, you can at all times revoke this by clicking on the designated link in each newsletter. After receiving your revocation, we will not use your data any further and stop the sending of the newsletter immediately.

3. Collection and use of personal data

3.1 What do we do for the security of your personal data?

The safety of your personal data is our biggest concern. Generally speaking, you can visit our website without leaving any data at all. Should you however place an order or subscribe to our newsletter, we do need your data. Certainly, we will transmit this data via a SSL (secure socket layer) connection. For your own safety, our security standards for creating your password are very high.

3.2 What do we use your data for?

All information you are making about yourself or your interest is exclusively used to offer you the best service possible and to improve our website to your standards. Under no circumstances is your private data forwarded to any third party for marketing or advertising reasons. In order to read our Privacy Statement, click HERE The data that is needed for reasons of business transaction is saved and will be exchanged with service providers. All personal data is treated with highest security and confidentiality standards. For reasons of credit assessment and address verification and potentially collection of payment, an exchange of data with correspondent companies is made.

3.3 Data Security throughout the order process.

While ordering online with us, we treat your data with the highest care: All data submitted by you are protected by our technical security systems.
During data transfer, we use the so-called SSL system (secure socket layer), which you can recognize by the https:// instead of the http:// in your browser. This encryption protocol is used to securely transfer of data via the internet.

4. Order & order process

4.1 Order & order process?

You can put your product into the shopping cart after selecting colour, width and length. Once you have placed all desired products into the shopping cart, you can go to the shopping cart and modify your selection. Should you not be able to select one of the items you wish to purchase, this means the item is currently not available. Should you be happy with your final selection, you can proceed to the checkout. Hereafter, you can either log in with your „My MAC“ account, register a „My MAC“ account or proceed to the check-out without registering. Throughout the next steps, you are completing the order process, which in our online shop has four steps (indication of invoice address (possibly an address that is differing from your invoice address)), selection of payment, payment details, verifying of payment details and final order. With your final order, you are always accepting our terms and conditions. Finally, you will receive a confirmation of your order via e-mail. We would like to remind you that through this confirmation, no valid contract of sale has thereby come into being.

4.2 Can I order goods in the MAC online shop to be dispatched abroad?

Unfortunately, orders in the MAC online shop are currently only dispatched within the Federal Republic of Germany. It is currently not possible to order anything in the MAC online shop and dispatch it abroad. Should you live abroad and want to purchase MAC products, please consult the MAC shopfinder in order to find MAC retailers abroad.

4.3 How do I change an order that has already been placed?

A lot of processes that are triggered once an order has been placed are automated – therefore, it is usually not possible to modify an order after it has been placed in our system. We ask for your understanding and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

4.4 Can I monitor the progress of my order?

In your „My MAC“ account, you can monitor the status of your order. Also, you receive an email in your dispatch confirmation indicating the tracking number of your parcel

4.5 Is there a minimum or maximum order limit?

In the MAC Mode online shop, there is no maximum or minimum order limit. However, MAC Mode might limit the payment methods to secure payment methods - such as credit card and prepayment - depending on the amount of your order.


The MAC online shop usually only shows products that are currently available. Despite continuous updating of inventory displays per day, in some cases, products are displayed as available despite the fact that they are already sold out. In the case that several people order one article in the same colour, width and length combination at the same time, it is possible that we are not able to deliver all goods that have been ordered. It is possible that products that are sold out in a particular size and colour combination are available at a later time, however this does not concern our entire product range. We are not able to make binding prediction whether or not a product will be available in the future. We do recommend however to visit our online shop in regular intervals to check for availabilities.

6. Payment methods

6.1 Which payment methods are available?

The MAC online shop offers the following payment methods:

Credit card (Visa & Mastercard)

The MAC online shop accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Euro/Mastercard
To transmit the highly sensitive data securely, we use the SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt your data.
We ask you to consider that orders that have been placed via credit card may take up to one day longer as the credit card details have to be verified.


Paypal is a free online payment service, which helps you to make payments quickly and securely. Your bank or credit card details are only stored at Paypal. Therefore they are not being transmitted while you are effectuating your payment. This makes a payment via Paypal particularly secure. As Paypal payments are usually made very quickly, also your merchandise can be sent out quicker. As soon as your payment has been confirmed by Paypal, your parcel is sent on its way.
For more information regarding Paypal visit http://www.paypal.com

Cash on delivery

The amount is paid in cash at delivery of the ordered goods to the postman or messenger directly. The responsible parcel service however adds a delivery fine of 2-3€ per delivery to the overall amount.


Should you have selected the payment method prepayment, we will reserve your items for a duration of five days. During this time span, we kindly ask you to make your payment indicated on your order confirmation to the following account:
Kontoinhaber: PVS Fulfillment-Service GmbH i.A. Mac Mode GmbH & Co.KGaA
Kontonummer: 891 247 709
Bankleitzahl: 600 100 70
IBAN: DE20 6001 0070 0891 2477 09
As soon as your payment has been received on our account, we immediately send out your purchased goods.

7. Delivery

7.1 How long do I have to wait for my order?

The usual delivery time of the MAC online shop is 3-4 days. The merchandise is usually available and can be sent out directly or the next working day after the order has been placed. This means that the order you have placed on a Friday is either sent out the same day or Monday. However, we ask for your understanding that sometimes, the delivery of goods can take a little longer due to large number of requests during sale or holiday periods. In order to check the status of your order, you can consult „My MAC“. As however this information depends on the logistic partner we are working with, please understand that the information is rather an indication than a binding information. Also, you are receiving a tracking number in the „Dispatch confirmation“, which you can use to track your parcel on the DHL website.

7.2 Is there an express delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer express delivery at this stage.

7.3 Can I specify one address for the invoice and another for the invoice?

Yes, you can specify a differing delivery address. In this case, MAC may however offer only secure payment methods. Please note that this option may not apply when placing your first order in the MAC online shop.

8. Returning of orders

Please take note that it might very well take 5 to 7 working days until your order arrives in our logistic center and can be booked back. Should you not receive any notification after over 8 working days, you can certainly contact our customer service center. However, we kindly ask you to hold on to your registration of the parcel to enable potential investigations for the parcel. Naturally we are trying to re-book your parcel as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that due to seasonal influences (i.e. Christmas, holidays, sales periods…) this may take a couple of days longer than usual.

8.1 How much time do I have to return goods?

You can return all goods purchased in the online shop without justifying any reasons within two weeks. If you wish to make use of your 14 day right of withdrawal, please use the return form enclosed in your package and the DHL return label

8.2 Where do I send returns to?

If you wish to make use of your 14 day right of withdrawal, please use the return form enclosed in your package and the DHL return label
PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH
c/o MAC Mode
Werner-Haas-Str. 5
74172 Neckarsulm

For questions regarding your returns, please consult our service center:

Phone: 0711 7252-304201, Fax: 0711 7252-30799, E-Mail: shop@mac-jeans.com

Only PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH hast he right to return goods purchased in the MAC online shop. We kindly ask you not to send any merchandise purchased in the MAC online shop to the MAC headquarters directly.

8.3 How are my returns balanced out with my customer account?

If you have already paid for your order via prepayment, cash on delivery or credit card, we will reimburse the amount onto your account. Please make sure to supply us with your account details on the return slip.

8.4 In which condition do I have to return items?

Naturally we can only accept unused, unworn goods without traces of usage and which still bears the original labels.

8.5 Can I return the goods I have purchased in the MAC online store in a MAC outlet or at any MAC retailer?

The MAC online store operates independently from other MAC retailers. Therefore, we ask you to take note that it is neither possible to return nor make a complaint regarding products purchased in the MAC online shop or vice versa. Should you want to return or complain about MAC products you have purchased at a MAC retailer, we kindly ask you to return this items to the MAC retailer in conjunction with the receipt.

9. Complaints

High product quality is MAC’s priority. Unfortunately, in rare cases a small number of items does not reflect our high quality standards. Should this be the case with your MAC product, we kindly ask you to accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please do return the product regarding the complaint together with a short description of your complaint and your contact data to the following address:

PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH
Retourenabteilung c/o MAC
Werner-Haas-Str. 5
74172 Neckarsulm

A member of our service team will check your complaint and get in touch with you shortly afterwards.

Please do keep in mind that we can only and exclusively accept complaints regarding products that have been purchased in the MAC online shop under this address.

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