Information on MNM

1. Please note that our mouth nose mask is not a so-called mouth nose protection, a respirator or comparable protective equipment. Our mouth nose mask has no medical purpose, is not suitable as personal protective equipment and has not been developed or manufactured as, or is suitable for, inhalation protection against harmful substances, harmful particles or pathogens (especially viruses, bacteria, etc.).

2. Our mouth nose mask is designed and manufactured as a garment and is not certified, intended or usable as a medical device.

3. Please note that potentially infectious droplets and other materials (both internal and external) may contaminate the mask when or after it is worn, so that use of our mouth nose mask over a prolonged period of time or repeated wearing of the mask without disinfection or washing at high temperatures could potentially lead to infection with pathogens. For further information, please consult your doctor and follow the infection prevention measures published by the Robert Koch Institute on the website

4 Please note that there is no right of withdrawal.

5. MAC does not assume any liability. Excluded from this are such damages caused intentionally or grossly negligent by MAC. Please note the disclaimer in our Terms & Conditions (German).

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